Is It Really You?

Yes, it's really me. The Walking Tree of Life. You may have seen me in your town, at a local event, or even online somewhere. I've been around for quite a while, and seem to have developed quite a following. And I love it.

But when you build trees for a living, you end up with "parts" and "pieces" left over, so I need to sell them and get them out of my shop.

Right now, I just have the Heavy Duty Buckles, but I will likely add more items later on. Right now, I just have a lot of these YKK Buckles to get rid of. I've tried to price them lower than everyone else, so please, buy from me. :-)

And remember, SMILE, and have a very TREEFUL day!

Just for fun, I'll share a video so there is something of interest at this store besides BUCKLES. Since it's October when I'm setting up this little store, here is the Hulaween video for you. :-)